The first post!

When someone asks me what I do for a living I usually just politely tell them that I clean up gas stations and leave it at that…its seems like the general public has been aware of property environmental contamination long enough to understand that these types of people exist and I’m one of them.  It can be hard to explain to people what I do, its even harder to explain why I like it and how it keeps me interested…I’ve been online seeking someone or something like me that would share this same passion or at least be putting some relevant and interesting information out there about environmental engineering in a cool and exciting way to keep my attention for longer than 5 minutes.  So far no luck…in hopes of finding that special group of people I intend to put myself out there by creating these posts in order to attract some discussion and to share what I have learned with the intention to bring some insight into the industry.

Environmental engineering is a broad term used to describe a relatively niche field of work…so at this time, to be specific I will focus this blog and my posts on what I am most familiar with and what I know best…’contaminated sites and remediation’.  What I like about these projects is that they are all different.  They all tell a different story.  And at the end of the day, most of my projects usually end up in doing some good, either by helping someone out with their business goals or by cleaning up the environment, and more often than not a combination of both.

Some of the work I do also comes with a bad stigma.  There are a lot of people out there who have heard those classic environmental horror stories about businesses going broke to clean up their property…some of them might be true, most of them are exaggerated.   I hope I can shed some light on these situations for everyone, clear up that stigma, and speak the honest truth through my experiences….

I tend to write too much in general so I will keep my first blog short!  More to come…stand by…




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