Windfarm contaminates water

Is this article about windmills or is it about contaminated water?? It’s suggesting that THMs (trihalomethanes) are in the water supply and that they were created there as a result of the ground disturbance caused by a major windmill construction project near an area where highly organic soils are found. The organics mixing with the local chlorination system and the resulting effect is the elevated THM concentrations found. I would think that if this were true that we all should be concerned about any large construction project near a potable groundwater supply under these specific soil conditions. Correct me if I’m wrong but this article doesn’t identify the location or proximity of the well head protection areas in elation the the wind farm construction activities….so it is leaving me some idea of ‘missing facts’…

It seems here that there might be a lot of assumptions being made possibly leading to finger pointing and illegitimate accusations without having going through a detailed hydrogeological assessment to confirm these findings. Nonetheless there is certainly the possibility which shouldn’t be ignored.

I like this article because it’s controversial and brings up a lot of interesting questions to think about. Where I’m from (Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario) we have our third wind farm being built plus several very large solar farms. Not to mention several other large local development/construction projects being completed over the past few years. Albeit some of these large construction projects may not be within our groundwater recharge zones and have no bearing. Nonetheless over the past recent years our local water utility company has switched to a chlorination system which has resulted in significant discolouration of our water supply in certain areas of the city. Is there THMs in our water supply? Is our soil in the Sault highly organic and susceptible to causing a similar situation as found in this article? Does anyone know or have looked into this? Environmental food for thought….

World Council for Nature

Doctor claims Scotland’s biggest windfarm has contaminated public water supply with cancer-causing chemical

Backbone Mountain  - Tucker County - West Virginia
The implantation of a wind turbine causes a significant impact on the land, on nearby water courses (sedimentation etc.) and on the water supply (filtrations into the soil). This particular picture is from the US.

“The radiologist, 58, said: “I obtained test results in 2013 from East Ayrshire Council and discovered that our water had been grossly contaminated with E.coli bacteria.

“That was bad enough but I am far more concerned about the presence of THMs in the public supply.

“We are drinking the stuff now but all the medical advice is that the effects may not be seen for 10 or 20 years.”

“Last week, MSP Graeme Pearson met Scottish Water’s director of strategic customer service planning, Professor Simon Parsons, to discuss Dr Connor’s findings.

“He said: “Dr Connor has identified that higher levels of cancer…

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