Midwest Geosciences Group – Check it out!


Rarely do you find a good website that can provide environmental practitioners and technologists with the tools and training you need to develop your skill set. Check out Midwest Geosciences Group (http://www.midwestgeo.com/index.php) they can provide a wide range of environmental training services for all levels of learning. This site reminds me of one of my favorites like Clu-In that has a great suite of webinars on hydrogeology and fate and transport for contaminant migration…Enjoy!


Contaminated Soil Remediation – Buried Drums in Guelph

B821707274Z.1_20140903183404_000_GBF1AJ78H.4_Content[1]Its great to see the City of Guelph cleaning up a contaminated site found last September. It looks like a standard soil excavation dig and dump. No mention of a consultant being involved however the article notes some pretty good due diligence during the remediation (geophysical survey, dust control plan, ground and surface water management plan, spill response and contingency, etc.). http://www.thefountainpen.com/s/showstory?id=13971