More on the Gateway Brownfield Development

Great addition to the concept for the potential Gateway Brownfield Development…a new casino in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario would keep the entertainment revenue local. In addition the Greg Nori (Treble Charger) studio at the Mill Square is a great addition to that same area of town.

These are great proposals for the usage of prime waterfront brownfield property here in Northern Ontario.

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The Gateway Site…A Proposed Brownfield Redevelopment

A potential brownfield redevelopment in my neck of the woods…I love it!  The Canal Village Development will be multi-use including commercial, residential and parkland.  They are proposing to develop the property known as the “Gateway Site” which used to be a former industrial property.  This property at one time may have had industrial activities occurring on the land associated with a neighboring chrome smelting plant, scrap metal yard, fish hatchery and settling basins for a steel manufacturer.  I applaud the proposal and urge them to push on.

The development and the environmental hurdles will be costly yet will be outweighed significantly by the benefits of repurposing this land.  The developers are known as the Canal Village Development Corporation.  I’m willing to bet that they are aware of what will be needed to develop the land in terms of the brownfield requirements under Ontario Regulation 153/04 (Phase One and Phase Two ESAs, followed by Remediation or Risk Assessment, Record of Site Condition)…who knows, maybe in a couple years we’ll be playing soccer in the Canal District…

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